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About us

Amsterdam City Church is a youthful multi cultural church. Our vision is to spread the love of God, which is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all men may be saved and find their true identity in Christ.
We wholeheartedly believe that it is love that connects people all over the world. God is love. It is God’s plan to bring love and hope to a hurting world.


Our mission is to serve as we bring the hope of Jesus to you. We’d love to equip the nations by reaching out in love to young and old. We therefore work in partnerships with various institutions to make God’s presence visible in people’s lives and in places of influence.

We serve a resourceful God, who fed the crowd with five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14).  In Mark 2, a group of friends figured out how to open up a roof to get their friend to Jesus. Throughout history God has reached out in many different ways. We aim to do the same.


Recent Outreach Projects





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Contact Us


If you wish to partner with us you can contact our Team by sending an email to

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